Athletes, Ankles, and Physical Therapy


Athletes may not be a common recipient of physical therapy services in St. Augustine, Florida. But, because they have a more active lifestyle than most individuals, it puts them at a higher risk of getting ankle sprains. In fact, studies show that it accounts for 16-40% of sports-related injuries in the United States. A minor error during exercises or the game may cause ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments are ruptured or overstretched. Some may experience soreness, swelling, or stabbing pain lasting from days to weeks. When it happens to you, seeking physical therapy in Daytona is the best course to follow. If you don’t get the necessary orthopedic rehabilitation in Palatka, your ankle may not recover, and the danger of suffering further injuries will most likely happen.

At PRIZM HEALTH CARE SERVICES, PA, we understand how significant ankles are for athletes. Who would want to miss the game of their life because of an injury? We are an outpatient therapy clinic dedicated to making physical therapy accessible to all, including athletes. If you have an injury that may affect your game, we got you covered. Worried about your transportation or dislike being with the crowd? Don’t fret. As part of our commitment to serving you, we offer home physical therapy in Florida. You can always receive treatment at home and recover with the people you love the most. Let us start your journey to comfort and prepare for your next game.

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