Understanding Better Our Physical Therapists


Physical therapy is among the flourishing jobs in the health care industry. The demand for this profession has increased because of factors like the growing number of people reaching senior years, individuals with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, injuries, and more. Physical therapists like those at an outpatient therapy clinic play a significant role in keeping our health care system. Read on to know more important information about our physical therapists.

  • Nature of job

    Physical therapists are considered movement experts who enhance the quality of our life by prescribing exercises, educating the patients, and providing hands-on care. They diagnose and provide therapy to people of all age groups, starting from the newly born to the elderly. Physical therapists assess each one of us and then create a therapy plan to enhance our ability to move, minimize or manage pain, reclaim function and avert disability.

  • Work setting

    Physical therapists work in many environments, including hospitals, our homes, outpatient clinics, sports and fitness facilities, work areas, institutions, nursing homes, etc. Their work setting is very flexible. But there is a growing demand for outpatient therapy at home as more people prefer to age at home.

  • Income

    Physical therapists such as those offering home physical therapy in Florida have a median salary of $85,000. Factors such as experience at work, educational attainment, geographic area, and the practice environment will influence how much the salary they will receive. The need for physical therapists will continue to be strong as the number of Americans reaching senior years is growing.

  • Education and licensure

    One needs to have a doctor of physical therapy degree from a physical therapist education program certified by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education if one wants to work as a physical therapist in the US, like the ones providing physical therapy in Daytona.

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