Rehabilitation with a Prosthesis

Rehabilitation with a Prosthesis

A prosthetic is an artificial device that serves as a replacement for a missing body part. These missing body parts may be lost or removed due to trauma, disease, or a congenital disorder. In the case of getting a prosthesis, the patient is required to get used to the device. Thus, outpatient therapy at home may be crucial to their journey to healing. This is to avoid discomfort and improve the patient’s quality of life.

To assist the patient further, availing of PRIZM HCS physical therapy services in St. Augustine, Florida, is vital. The assistance of a physical therapist, as well as an orthotist and a prosthetist, is essential in helping the patient use their assistive device correctly.

According to Physiopedia, “The aim of the rehabilitation is to aid the amputee to gain independence at the highest level they can, with the most efficient gait possible.” Rehabilitation further helps the patient in training their gait to improve their balance and strength.

Outpatient therapy in the home is especially helpful in prosthetic rehabilitation. Exercises that focus on gait training and strength can be done in the comfort of their homes, such as weight lifting, balance boards, and more. The supervision of a PT and a prosthetist can thoroughly determine the patient’s difficulties with their prosthetic and can swiftly adjust, repair, or replace the prosthetic.

At PRIZM HEALTH CARE SERVICES, PA, we provide home physical therapy in Florida, where we also extend our care for amputees and prosthetic rehabilitation. Our team of therapists is trained in professional rehabilitation care that aims to improve our patients’ quality of life.

To learn more about our services, get in touch with our outpatient therapy clinic by visiting our Contact Us page.

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